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To participate at Jax Beach you must live east of the intracoastal waterway. Zip codes 32250, 32266 and 32233 are eligible.

Cheerleading Info


Cheer practice will begin the week of August 1st at Wingate Field.  Practice is a commitment on both the  cheerleaders and parents.  The first week of practice, squads typically practice 5 nights for 2 hours.  Once the season begins, practices will be kept to 2 or 3 weekday nights for 2 hours.  It is important that all cheerleaders/mascots show up for practice.  When cheerleaders/mascots don't show up for practice, often the entire work out has to be revamped.  In order to perform routines safely it is important for the entire squad to work together.


Game schedules will be passed out as soon as the league officials pass them out to us.  Cheerleaders are expected to attend all games, unless excused by the coach of the squad.  It’s the parent's responsibility to provide transportation or organize car pools.  Home games will be played at our home field, Wingate Park.  Away games are played in areas such as Orange Park, Fernandina Beach and Yulee.  Cheerleaders must be at games 45 minutes prior to game time to check in with their team. There are 8 regular season games and a possibility of playoff games running through the first week of December.


Jax Beach Pop Warner will provide each cheerleader and mascot with a uniform.  Uniform consists of a cheer top, body suit and skirt.  Your coach will notify you of uniform fittings. A deposit check of $200 will be necessary for your child's uniform. The check will not be cashed unless you do not return the uniform in a timely manner. When uniforms are handed in, please ensure that they are cleaned at the end of the season. 

Parents will be responsible for purchasing an accessory package for their cheerleader. The accessory package consists of cheer shoes, bloomers, socks and a hair bow for games. The cost of the accessory package is about $75.


Cheerleaders/mascots are allowed to wear suitable makeup as approved by their coach. Face painting, temporary tattoos, finger nail polish and glitter are not permitted.   All cheerleaders/mascots will be checked for fingernail polish and length prior to games.  Jewelry is not to be worn on game day and practice; this includes watches, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets and toe rings.  If you are planning on having your ears pierced prior to or during the season, there are no exceptions for starter earrings, they may not be worn.  Cheerleaders/mascots who can't remove newly pierced earrings will not be allowed to practice or cheer at games. 


All cheerleaders/mascots will participate in some fundraising activities throughout the season (sell cookie dough, water bottles, raffles, car washes, etc...)  These funds are used to pay for any additional items your Coach and squad deem necessary.  Particularly travel expenses for competitions.